All About Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit

Most of us opt for fixed deposit without giving much thought to it. Fixed deposit or FD allows us to deposit an amount of our choice for a tenure of our choice. Fixed Deposit offers a flexible option of long or short term saving at attractive rate of interest. Let’s explore Fixed Deposit a little more.

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Loan Refinancing: What & How


Refinancing is defined as taking a new loan with different rate of interest or of shorter duration or with some new condition to pay off or replace an existing loan you have taken. You can go for refinancing for various reasons.

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Improving your CIBIL score


In our last blog we educated Raj about CIBIL score. Now, Raj knows that there are four Credit information Companies namely CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and Highmark. Out of these four, CIBIL is vividly used by Banks, NBFCs and customers. Raj also knows that his low credit score was the reason his loan application was rejected. We will now talk about ways Raj can improve his CIBIL score. We will also talk of ways you can secure loan with a bad CIBIL score.    

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CIBIL Score & Personal Loan

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In our last blog Credit Scored or Scared!?, we met Raj, who wanted a personal loan for his Euro trip, and discussed why his loan application was rejected. In this blog we will try to find out ways to improve Raj’s credit score so that he can take that Eurotrip. After all, we all want Raj to take that Euro trip and meet Simran, right?

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Credit Scored or Credit Scared!?


Raj has recently shifted to a new job in Gurgaon. This is his 5th job and 3rd city in 3 years. Raj got a hike of 30%, relocation reimbursement and a 2 week stay in company’s guest house. In short, Raj is exuberant. To put the icing on the cake, Raj’s college buddies are planning for a Euro Trip and have asked Raj to join in.

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